Reporitories update problem


I got a message that:

zypper refresh
Repository ‘Downloads’ is up to date.
Download (curl) error for ‘’:
Error code: Connection failed
Error message: Failed to connect to port 80: Мрежата е недостъпна (Network unreachable)

The repos were update yesterday but today I receive messages:
¨Problem connecting to software origin. There was (probably temporary) problem connecting to software origins. Please check the detailed error for further details.¨
In YAST when I give update to the repos I have the same message as with zypper.

I read through the forums that the problem is because I installed the Leap from DVD - now this repo is deleted. Second that cURL was using ipV6, so I disabled the ipV6. I don use proxies, I didn´t configured firewall and through Firefox I connect to all the repos.

Also when I try to add new repo from Community Repositories, this is the result:
¨Unable to download list of repositories or no repositories defined.¨

What could be the problem?

And if I can get help on this question would be nice - it is ugly when I write.