Repo version of Handbrake is old

In the TW repos I noticed that the Handbrake srcpackage version is 1.5.1.-1699.1 while the latest version is 1.6.1. Does anyone know if there are any plans to update to that version in the repos?

@Maverick1024 I see 1.6.0 sitting in the Packman queue, added a comment as well;

Normal requests for Pacman are via their Mailing List as it’s a third party provider :wink:

Awesome, thanks! Hopefully that’ll get pushed out soon.

I’m running 1.6.1 (Tumbleweed and MicroOS Kalpa, via Flatpak).

I suggest you read this page, top to bottom (and draw your own conclusion :slight_smile: )


Yep, and they also provide the source code on their website which can allow folks to compile which I take to mean that distros can build from source and add to their repositories.

There is one really important part on that above mentioned page:

Certain Linux distributions and package repositories create their own versions of HandBrake. These modified versions are often crippled (features removed for political reasons) and broken (bugs due to modifications), and should be avoided.

Why not just take the flatpak one?

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I agree with @SteffNC - my takeaway is much different than @Maverick1024 's opinion. Using Flatpak here.

There’s an obvious section titled, “Warning about broken third-party builds”.

And they go on to specifically mention various distro’s and repos :+1:

Hi, and Flatpaks are what is used with a MicroOS desktop… no need for packman with that :wink:

But there is still a use for rpms, in this case if it was posted in the ML of a packman issue, fix required, update etc more likely it will be acted on by someone in a timely manner…

Sure, there is still use for rpms.
I simply don´t like the way that people just demand an update of packages, without getting their feet wet.
We all should highly appreciate the work of all the maintainers and packagers out there.

I have used the flatpak version and I feel it doesn’t make use of the libdvdcss package which is why I prefer to use the rpm version. The flatpak version won’t read some of the DVDs I’m trying to put on Emby server.

This is indeed a good reason to ask for another version.
But I still guess that there are legal/political reasons for not including libdvdcss.
Try to build it yourself and share your solution :slight_smile:

Yep, I am running a compiled from source version which is how I found out that the repo version is way behind. Only downside to the compiled from source version is when a newer version comes out I’ll have to rebuild.

That wouldn’t be a problem is the repo version was kept up to date.

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And Flatpak on Tumbleweed :+1:

# flatpak list
Name       Application ID    Version Branch Installation
HandBrake  fr.handbrake.ghb  1.6.1   stable system
Mesa       org.freedeskto... 23.1.4  22.08  system
# cat /etc/os-release
NAME="openSUSE Tumbleweed"
# VERSION="20230808"
ID_LIKE="opensuse suse"