Repo Reset

By way of question, if I wanna run stock Tumbleweed & get vendor change issues, do I switch system packages back to Tumbleweed OSS & disable Pacman?

Spontanious out of the blue, or are you doing something?

Outa the blue but have set multimedia codecs up with official sticky method now, hopefully no more unexpected vendor change wonkyness…

wouldn’t recommend it as packages get updated and security holes fixed but if you’re set you can remove the packman repo and re-run zypper dup
or run zypper dup --from (oss repo)
keep in mind we get flash from packman and mozilla blocks old flash binary blobs as adobe has new releases
also what would be the point in going back to OSS if you locked all packman packages if you replace only 1 packman package with an oss version all your multimedia will break