Repo question for openSUSE 11 / 11.1

Is it possible to decrease the time (defaults 30 secs or so) for the
repo timeout (i.e. when a particular package/rpm can’t be got in a repo,
during online update or software installation, the system gives a pop-up
box with option of re-trying in <30> secs. I would like to decrease this
timeout to less than 30 secs).

Is there a system file need to be edited for this?

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‘This’ (
(’[opensuse] Controlling zypper’s Timed-out when it is updating –
REPOST’ ( post
explains the problem in more detail.

Solution may be as given ‘here’
( (‘Re:
[opensuse] Controlling zypper’s Timedout when it is updating – REP’

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