Repo help for someone in China

The main repos are running REALLY slowly for me. They timeout half the time (usually succeed upon retry) and the Abort button isn’t working either. When I try and download the list of online servers in the Software Repositories app, it usually hangs around 33% and so far I’ve found no way to kill it other than logging out.

Is there a way to choose repos by location or perform a speed test?

OK, maybe this is better: The official repositories are redirectors that are supposed to choose a repo near you. If they aren’t doing the job you can choose a specific repo from a list. Here’s a list of mirrors if you want to avoid the redirectors: Mirrors Released Version - openSUSE

Oh alright, I didn’t realize the supposed fastest were already being selected. Thanks for your help!

I get significantly better speeds by avoiding times of the day when everyone else is using the Internet.

I don’t think “fastest”; I think it’s the nearest.