Repo for dvb?

I added the pacman repo:
zypper ar -f -n packman packman

But found no dvb stuff? I found it as a one-click install though, but that wanted dvb-scan-tables that I had to download elsewhere. What did I do wrong?

It’s called dtv-scan-tables these days… it’s maintained in the vdr repo, so grab from there for Leap, for Leap 42.2 it should be present since it exists in Tumbleweed…

Check multimedia:apps and multimedia:libs if not on packman, a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to be built there is now moved to OBS.

Yes, dtv-scan-tables, I made a typo. I assumed it would be in multimedia:apps and multimedia:libs but it did not find it.

What would the proper sequence of adding dvb have been?

I normally just grab the few files I need from mutimedia:libs/apps and vdr and create a local repo, then just check at times if things have updated and dump them in a local repo.

You could add them (all repos), install what you need with a --from <somerepo> they should then switch and remain locked to that repo, then switch the stuff you then need from the packman repo.