reply box

I can only get the reply box reallllly reallly small, like this:

I can make it longer with the two little arrows at the top, but I would like the whole window wider and more like what I see when reading the forums… like this:
( I don’t mean the “wysiwyg” button at the top, the box stays the same size…

It is a bit small, I agree.

That looks like the standard size to me. I don’t know if it can be made any larger.

Hey smpoole7:

>That looks like the standard size to me

It is. That’s vBulletin default.

Kim (3/9/2009 12:59:33 PM Mountain)

But! In Windows, here is my reply box. if you compare you will see it is much wider, with much less dead space between it and the edge of the forum frame…

So it cannot be a v.bullletin default or standard, it must be some setting in openSUSE or Firefox somewhere??

Just for kicks and giggles, press “CTRL +” (the CTRL key and the “+” key together) a few times. To reduce the size, press “CTRL -” (CTRL key plus the “minus” key). That might help.

Some versions of Firefox will remember the size (3.0.6 seems to), but others won’t. You may have to do this at least once per session, if the settings aren’t remembered across Firefox starts.

Thank-you smpoole, I already regularly use the CTRL+ to zoom Firefox but for this particular problem it is no help as it zooms everything, so that the box size, relative to what is being written within , is still the same.

Well … yeah, I hadn’t thought of that. It WOULD do that. I just whacked CTRL + a few times for myself, noticed that the box got bigger and thought, “Eureka, I’ve got it!”

That’s what I get for taking the name of a vacuum cleaner in vain. :slight_smile: