Replicate old desktop

I just re-installed 11.3 KDE. I kept my old /home directory on a USB drive. Now I would like to replicate my panels. Where are the desktop config files kept?


I assume when you say you have your /home on a USB drive you mean it includes the hidden folders, because .kde4 is what you want

Yes indeed, but I don’t want to copy everything under .kde4 because there is a lot of “garbage” in there. Applications etc. that I never use.


anything with plasma in it’s name

But I’d try the whole folder first. You need to do that from outside X

Do you know how?

From a level 3 boot, or from a live CD boot?

Console login, like this:

Once logged in as user
(you will want to have imported the the .kde4 folder you plan to use having already renamed it .kde4-bak to your /home/user* account)
Then do this

mv .kde4 .kde4-old


mv .kde4-bak .kde4

then startx

I’m back in business, with some extra HD space.

Many thanks.

Excellent. Well done