replace FEDORA 9 in dual boot with VISTA by SUSE 11

I have dual booting system with vista and fedora9. Now I Want to replace fedora9 by OPEN SUSE 11 without affecting VISTA file system. Can anybody give some suggestions how to do it?

It good idea before doing such thing is make a backup
Second defrag you’re Vista drive
During install opensuse choice for customize or expert option and let opensue use the space used by Fedora 9 .
Be somewhat careful because normally Fedora use LVM
Normally opensuse know that windows is there be sure
that she is know
You know because it stated set mountpoint to c:windows or something like that
Special attention if windows Vista has also service pack two.

thanks I did it. It was very simple to do. thanks…
but a new problem just started that whenever i run an application or try to start Yast it ask for root password and when i do that and press enter nothing comes… please suggest some solution except reinstallation

Try in the first place to use ok instead of enter.
If works fine.
Next to figure out what the problem is
When you open a terminal then you see you’re user name and some more info
If enter su enter password enter did the line change in linux-qsvd and some more.
If so than the password file is correct and we can try to install package and maybe even yast using zypper