Repeated apps in Application Launcher

Hi again.

I just found a strange issue with Application Launcher. I have a repeated app (and I don’t know yet if there are more…)
Here’s the picture:
SUSE Paste

Suddenly I realized it, I don’t know why is it. Can any one help, please?

I see the same
Delete one if you like

You too? Uf, didn’t expect that…

And how do I do that? Already tried right-clicking on it…

I’ll do a little video
Stand by, it’ll take me a few minutes

We need to edit the menu. So right click the kickoff menu button… follow the video

Download this with right click and open with smplayer

Thank you very much, mr. Caf. Was useful.
By the way, I tried just out of curiosity to open it with Kaffeine. Why do you think it doesn’t play?

I guess it may be down to it not being a Packman version
Packman only does the kde3-kaffeine
VLC works for me too and Totem