repaired opensuse11 and xp vanished from boot menu

opensuse automatic repair vanishd xp from boot menu

in my intel core2 pc… windows xp sp2 was intalled, got a cd free with a magazine and installed opensuse11 along with windows xp.

opensuse kept crashing frequently so i played opensuse11 cd and tried to repair it with automatic repair option.

after this automatic repair opensuse didnt improved but my windows xp os vanished from boot menu.

now this is real frustration, i dont know about getting performence from opensuse11 as fast and smoothly, and windows xp is gone.

how can i get windows xp back on the boot menu?

and if possible, please tell how can i get smooth and crash free performence from opensuse11 or how can i uninstall opensuse11 os?

You can get windows back on the bootloader like this:

go to Yast → System → Boot Loader. The Grub configuration screen comes up with the Tab “Section Management” activated. In the lower right is a drop-down selector labelled “Other”. Select from “Other” the option “Propose New Configuration” and then wait for Grub to analyse your partitions and display a new configuration. This may take a while. Important: When that finishes, activate the tab labelled “Boot Loader Installation” and select to “Boot from the Master Boot Record”. [Yast will often default to booting from the root or boot partition rather than from the MBR but that’s for experts only – always choose the MBR.] Then click Finish to save the changes and install the reconfigured Grub into the hard drive’s MBR. If you get a message that "The bootloader boot sector will be written to a floppy disk … don’t bother with the floppy – just click OK to proceed and install to the MBR.

That should add windows to the menu.
Reference: GRUB Boot Multiboot openSUSE Windows (2000, XP, Vista) using the Grub bootloader.

Thanks, I fixed the problem. God bless you.