REP Indicators

The REP indicators were showing 3x little green squares a couple of weeks back. Then they dropped to 1x.
Now they are back to 3x.

The REP info remains the same. So what’s the crack?:wink:

Hey caf4926:

>The REP info remains the same. So what’s the crack?

A customizized configuration that got overwritten with the latest update
to the vBulletin software. I just noticed it this morning so I
re-customized it.

Kim (4/9/2009 11:10:13 AM Mountain)

Figures. Thanks Kim.:wink:

Yell at me next time you see something like that!

Kim (4/9/2009 11:44:07 AM Mountain)

Kim. You posted this:
Ratings & Reputation Improvements - openSUSE Forums

I can’t reply to it. But as I see it, the trouble with the current setup is:

The forum interfaces differ and the REP button is certainly NOT clear. And there seems to be room to perhaps add text to make it clearer.

Instead of ‘Rating’ = ‘Rate this Thread’

The reputation should be set in the users rep field where the green indicators are. With text 'Add to ‘@?‘s’ Reputation’ with a drop box or similar popup.

Was that meant in general or only to Carl?
@Kim : YELL!

I’ll give him a kick in the Admin :smiley:

On 03/07/2011 12:06 AM, pistazienfresser wrote:
> @Kim : YELL!

lingo minutia: ‘yell’ is the “d@mnyankee” form of the verb
‘holler’…it is what people do to be heard when a long distance apart
(like on the next ridge over), neither ‘yell’ nor ‘holler’ are
necessarily an unfriendly action, if the increased volume is
required to garner the attention the message deserves…

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