Removing YaST Utilities from Gnome Activities Menu


Earlier I installed Tumbleweed with Gnome 42.3. I’m enjoying everything so far but one thing is bugging me, whenever I try to search for anything in the activities menu, individual YaST utilities clog up my results, usually ranking in front of the app I actually want. I installed menulibre and alacarte to try and remove them from the menu, but neither app has the utilities listed as entries anywhere. Is there any way to remove these from the menu?

Thanks in advance for any help

You can set NoDisplay=true property of YaST2 desktop files, this excludes them both from application grid and search results. The descriptions are in /usr/share/applications/YaST2/. Copy this directory into ~/.local/share/applications to avoid your changes being overwritten on update.

I am not aware of any other way to hide applications from search results (short of completely disabling application search provider).

Well, that’s five minutes of my life I won’t get back, but it did the trick, thanks