Removing windows 7 keeping openSUSE 11.3

hey im brand new to the openSUSE scene and im loving it! I just got it all set up and it has everything I need for what i do on my computer and it does alot better and smoother. So now im convinced linux KDE is where the party is at! HAaha so I want to remove windows 7 from my notebook and have openSUSE as the only OS running on it. Can anybody help me with removing windows 7 and leaving openSUSE on it? I was also hopeing that i’ll be able to use the disk space with opensuse that my windows 7 is currently useing. Please Help i cant find anything to help me and i have been looking all morninggggg! :frowning:

If it were me, I would backup to external drive my important docs etc

then wipe the disc and install SUSE. otherwise it’s just messy

Since you are new… I would probably recommend you to reinstall openSUSE and on the installer tell it to use all disk space. That’s the easier way if you are not comfortable to operate with fdisk. Or maybe check out for gparted (I don’t use KDE, so I’m not really sure which application for KDE provides the same functionality of gparted, but you can use gparted on KDE also, you just require some GNOME packages installed).

okay so durring the instal for 11.3 there is a use all disk space option? and it will format the complete hard drive removing everything inlcuding windows? If so that would be unreal. Im checking gparted now.

This is from 11.2 but it’s the same in 11.3

This is from a Virtual Box install, so ignore the small size of the disc.
So option 1 will use the entire HD and SUSE will use it’s default partitioning, which is fine if you plan to run just SUSE

so choose the first option, not the custom one thats selected in the photo in that link right?

Yes, if you want to let SUSE use all the disc automatically

If you go Custom, you will need to manually delete and create all the partitions.

beautiful my man! im going threw my extra harddrives now that i have laying around to put them in a enclosure and see which ones still work and which ones dont to backup anything that i need than i am going to try this out and i will be sure to let you know what the outcome is! Thanks a million you gave me great help! I really REALLY appreciate the help too! and once again Thanks a Million!!! :smiley:

No problem
Take your time and go carefully.

Backup your docs onto some external storage medium then go through a non-auto-config install so you can get the hang of it. Re-claiming is possible… run a disk partitioning utility and change your Windows 7 partition type to Linux (0x83 code I believe). Then you can run mkfs.ext4 on the partition and set a mount point for the extra storage. /storage/ for instance.

I’m curious as to what makes openSUSE smoother than Windows 7 for you - is it the graphics performance, command line usage, music management software? I’ve actually been jaded towards most Linux distros for a while for a host of reasons and am curious is all. I’m actually fairly pleased with the ‘Big 3’ operating systems right now.

Keep your M$ window$ partition for at least 6 months.

After that with some basic knowledge of GNU/Linux you can wipe the W7.
HDD are large these days so there is no need, dual-boot is perfect for now.
After 6 or even 12 months you can delete the W7 partition, by selecting ‘use entire harddisk’ or whatever it says.

Especially if its a new notebook with Windows 7 I would make you have a backup of all the productivity software i.e office and the geniune install key in addition to original oem disc or in my case a backup of the ISO’s on disc since by default a’lot of pc manufactures install them on the HDD in instead of providing the physical discs. Contact your notebook manufacture with regards to instructions on backing up your pre-installed software.

With regarding to running Opensuse 11.X using the automatic approach to partitioning would work just fine you could also dual boot as well. Lets know if you have any questions?