removing unused locales

Hi all
is it possible to remove unused locales from /usr/lib/locale, … etc?
Is there any specific tool?


As I’ve lost my hdd can’t test this or be specific but on another distro there’s a file /etc/locale.gen edit the ones you don’t need(Comment out with #) then run locale-gen.

Hopefully if there’s something Suse specific someone else will pipe up for you.

I remember a locale chooser in Puppy Linux. Alas, no locale-gen in opensuse, nor locale.gen…

Googling got me to this seems yast should do it System defaults and user settings Hopefully that is correct.

Thank you. That page is about setting a default locale; this step can be accomplished by yast. That default is choosen from a (large) set installed by the package glibc-locale: Webpin

I would like to “trim” that set… :slight_smile:

My apologies misunderstanding well I’ve checked the distro I’m on known for not including anything by default.

That seems to be standard, I’m not sure you can without going in manually and deleting. They seem to be part of glibc

That will remove the glibc-locales, but it doesn’t remove all the man pages, documents, etc.

I know there is a command because I have it in my bashrc to wrap around portage and run after I emerge programs in Gentoo.

I believe it is localepurge. You need to install the package, and edit localepurge.config file (not sure where it would be on Suse, but I think it was in /etc/localepurge.config in Gentoo after I installed it) and then manually run the app.

“localepurge” seems really what I’m looking for, but I cannot find any RPM for it… :eek:

Try BleachBit which is explained in the article “Free way more space than localepurge”](