Removing packages - dependancies

I’m trying to remove KDE4. I installed it with with yast2, but don’t like it. So now I’m trying to remove it. I got rid of a ton of the packages using Yast2, but I cannot get rid of some of them. When I click on the remove button in Yast2, I get the clock, and it stays that way as long as I’ve left it (over an hour). Finally, I tried removing some of the packages with zypper. What I’m seeing is that it gets to “checking dependencies” and just sits there. The HD light blinks about every 5 seconds, but that’s all that happens.

Any suggestions how I can get past this?

Trying to remove kde4 is unnecessary and without considerable knowledge you are likely to break your install.

Ok. I was hoping to recover that disk space, but I guess I’ll have to write it off.

Any idea what the problem is with the dependencies though? Is it just that there are so **** many of them or something?

It’s just that there are so many inter- related packages.

If you try going to Yast - Software Management and filter by Patterns
select kde4base and do delete all in this list, and then the same with kde4desktop

But you will probably find it rather difficult