Removing Opensuse 11.1 to re-install

I currently have Opensuse 11.1 installed alongside windows xp, but there are some things wrong I think. I cannot install things such as Adobe Flash, as I get a request for a password, and when I insert the password I chose, I get a message incorrect password. This is the reason that I am wishing to remove opensuse 11.1 and re-install.
It is installed on my 2nd hard drive, and I would appreciate any help in this matter.



That password is there for security reasons. Even if you re-install it will ask you for a password before you can install programs. So nothing is wrong with your system.

If you want to re-install, just run your CD/DVD and install. When you get to disk partitions, be sure to format your disks and that will erase everything so you can start over.

If you would rather change your forgotten password to something you can remember…

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