Removing NetworkManager removes plasma5-session

Since I am using Wicked on my system I see no need to keep NetworkManager installed.
However trying to remove these packages it would also remove plasma5-session

The following 13 packages are going to be REMOVED:
libNetworkManagerQt1 NetworkManager NetworkManager-lang NetworkManager-openvpn NetworkManager-openvpn-lang NetworkManager-pptp NetworkManager-pptp-lang plasma5-session plasma-nm5 plasma-nm5-lang plasma-nm5-openvpn plasma-nm5-pptp plasma-nm5-ssh

Why does plasma5-session need NetworkManager?

It doesn’t need NetworkManager directly.
But it requires plasma-nm5, so that users won’t end up without the networkmanagement applet.
And this in turn requires NetworkManager…

Btw, it’s no different in GNOME. gnome-shell requires NetworkManager-gnome, if you uninstall NetworkManager it will also remove the whole GNOME desktop if installed.

All the NetworkManager services are disabled and inactive. The packages itself doesn’t take up to much space, but still it is waste of space. Should have a plasma5-wicked which could be used instead of plasma5-nm.

There is no wicked desktop applet at all yet.

And it won’t help anyway if NetworkManager is active.

Having plasma5-nm not installed by default would definitely lead to bug reports, if there’s no way to configure NetworkManager after switching to it…

My take is that “wicked” is oriented toward server use, where the network is managed by the system administrator rather than by the desktop user.

Perhaps there could be an applet to display network statistics. I seem to recall seeing one with “icewm”, but maybe that was for earlier releases of opensuse. Or maybe “conky” does that.

NetworkManager makes sense on a laptop, or a computer with Ethernet, Wireless, Mobile and VPN connections. I am using Wicked because I don’t have wireless and have no need to manage the connection. Prior to Wicked I just used ifup which looks like Wicked was ment to replace.

Just thought that if there was a plasma5-wicked package there wouldn’t be any need to install any packages related to NetworkManager.

Well, nobody prevents you from using Wicked, and plasma-nm5 (i.e. Plasma5’s NetworkManager applet) will not even be loaded if NetworkManager is not active.

Just thought that if there was a plasma5-wicked package there wouldn’t be any need to install any packages related to NetworkManager.

plasma5-session requires plasma-nm5, and it would also require it if a plasma5-wicked package would exist.
Actually I think this requirement was added to make sure plasma-nm is upgraded to plasma-nm5 correctly when upgrading from KDE4 to Plasma5.
We did get quite some complaints about the network applet missing when Tumbleweed switched to Plasma5 a year ago…

Anyway, you can uninstall plasma-nm5 (and NetworkManager) by breaking the package dependencies, if you really want to. (make sure plasma5-session is not removed though, or you won’t be able to start Plasma5 from the login screen)
Plasma5 itself does not require plasma-nm5 or NetworkManager in any way (unlike gnome-shell, which has the NetworkManager applet built-in), and will work fine without it.
But then, if you really care about that “wasted disk space”, you probably should not install KDE in the first place… :stuck_out_tongue: