Removing Kate and KWrite /KDE3 from Opensuse 11.0


I’m using Opensuse 11.0 with KDE 4.1.3 and I’ve recently noticed that I have both Kate and Kate/KDE3 & KWrite and KWrite/KDE3 installed. I’ve searched for them in Yast/Software Management, but they don’t appear to be installed there (the KDE3 versions that is). The question is: How do I remove the KDE3 versions? Or, are they needed by other KDE3 stuff?

The reason I’m wanting to remove them is that I don’t see a need to keep them around when I have the KDE4 versions installed as well…



You can’t find them by name, because they are in kdebase3 package. It would be great idea to keep this package installed.

Thanks for your reply!
You’re right that keeping kdebase3 installed is a good idea… :slight_smile: Guess I got tricked by the package kdeaddons3-kate which isn’t installed. Anyways, I’ll just keep it, and hopefully later this year with KDE4.3 and Opensuse 11.2 there will be no need for KDE3 stuff. :slight_smile: