Removing icons from panel


So I’ve managed to add an icon for chromium to the panel (the right side). I now know the old drag and drop to the left side to the quick launch is the way to do it. However how can I remove the icon on the right? (by the clock, vol etc) I cannot see a way to delete it by right clicking it as that just brings up icon settings and panel options.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Click on the toolbox icon (“cashew”) on the far right end of the panel to open the toolbox/panel settings.
While that is open, you can remove plasmoids/widgets via the right-click menu or the ‘X’ icon in the hover popup.

But be careful to not remove things like the task manager or the system tray, which are also just plasmoids/widgets like any other…

Thanks Wolfie,

That worked a treat :slight_smile: and yeah I can see what ya mean re accidentally removing system tray etc lol. Many thanks

That’s actually the reason why this feature got hidden a bit.
In earlier KDE versions it was possible to remove plasmoids via the standard right-click menu.

But every now and then, users removed the taskmanager or system tray by mistake and did not know how to get it back…

So now you can only remove plasmoids from the panel if you explicitely open the toolbox first.