Removing gnome

Hi this might be a very noobish question but how do uninstall gnome? I’ve installed et trough yast using the patterns, but it seem like i can’t uncheck a pattern, so how do i do it in the best way?

Not advisable to do that. You will probably end up breaking the system.

Ok is there a way to uninstall gnome? I see on reason to have two DE’s installed when i just use one, but thanks;)

It’s a little bit dump and boring method,
but it still may be useful:

In Yast Software management choole Filter: Patterns,
select Gnome Desktop Environment and uncheck everything,
what is there. If it warns you about some package depencies,
see, what packages depend on this particular package.
If you don’t need them, remove them too. If it wants to
delete something important or useful, don’t remove that package.
I did that procedure, when I removed KDE 4 packages (I use KDE 3).

But be careful not to break your system,
if you don’t know how to solve package depencies,
better leave your system as is.

thanks that worked perfectly lol!