Removing Dual Boot

I am in the process of rationalising my use of PCs, and on this one wish to remove the GRUB-based dual boot and the installation of openSUSE 10.3, leaving only the originally-installed Windows Vista (Home Premium).

How do I do this?

Vista came pre-installed by Acer, who did not supply an installation disk.

Many thanks.

You need to restore the Vista bootmanager. I think this may help
Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download — The NeoSmart Files

Once in Vista you can delete the Linux Partitions

I downloaded and burned the Vista Recovery Disk as suggested. When I ran it, the only option from the start-up menu which seemed to make sense was “Repair StartUp”.

But when I ran that, it appeared to find nothing wrong.

At my next re-boot, I found I still had GRUB, and the dual-boot option, on my machine.

Any ideas what to do now?

You may find some pointers here
Winhoes no longer likes to boot after fresh install - Page 4 - openSUSE Forums

My problems are resolved.

I’m making this final post to the thread simply to assist others who, like me, find themselves wanting to remove a dual boot from a Vista PC but, thanks to the unfair restrictive policies of the PC supplier, do not have a Vista installation disk to assist the recovery.

The solution is via a freely-available utility called MbrFix, which performs a number of services associated with repairing MBRs and the like. Some time after its initial release, its creators, apparently in a spirit of public compassion, added the option “Recreate a Vista MBR on this machine”.

It works perfectly.