Removing Desktop Shortcut Icons in Gnome - Solved

After a second struggle for removing desktop shortcut Icons in Gnome, after a re-installation, I decided to giver back to the forum with this

∘ App’ns> System> Config> Gnome Config’n Editor, then
‣ App’ns> Nautilus> Desktop
‣ uncheck what you want

Done. easy when you know how

Had to sign up just to say Thank You!!

This is exactly what I have been looking for over the last day. New convert to openSUSE and this was the only thing bugging me, great distro.

Your thanks is SO MUCH Appreciated, I am glad to know that I can give back to the forums that have been so helpful to me, you are my first thanks!!

Thank you!

Perfect timing. I was just wanting to remove these.

Once again… very glad to help!