Removing a Hard Drive

Hi I did an installation of SUSE 11.2 on a new SCSI hard drive.

Keeping the old hard drive separate.

I remembered there was some info on the old hard drive I wanted.

I added this to the system and mounted a partition. I then copied the data over. Then I umounted the partition rebooted the machine and removed the hard drive.

However the machine will now not boot without this hard drive even though its not mounted. Not sure what the error message im given means I think it could be trying to fchk it.

Do I need to do something more like remove /dev/sdd ?

Thanks Roger

It the machine does not boot at all, more likely the Grub bootloader used to boot this machine is on the harddisk you removed. You have to install Grub in the MBR of the harddisk you’re using.

Do I need to do something more like remove /dev/sdd ?

Clear answer: NO.

What please_try_again said.

You don’t need that other drive. Download the Supergrub Boot CD iso. Burn it, then disconnect/remove the unwanted drive. Boot onto SuperGrub and let it find the bootable Suse partition for you. It will offer to let you boot Opensuse; do so. Once you’re there, run Yast to rebuild Grub for you.

Only takes a few minutes and relatively painless.

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And the error message is…? Please don’t keep us in suspense.