Remove white-togray gradien from thread division.

The new forum-look is nice.
Nice change in css.

But each thread division is with white-togray like gradient.This makes some sense of layer to the thread division.

If it’s with a total white or other background color.This may look better.
If I move the mouse to the top-left main menu I get a drop down menu.
This type of color can be done for thread division color.
Solid white or solid gray.
If i move the mouse to the that left-top main menu i see no two layer type look has been created by white and gray color.It’s solid white or gray between two division.

Can the thread division color be like that with solid white color?

If i click a thread and read it no problem with the background color with that page.I’m talking about any sub forum or main forum of this openSUSE forum where all threads are listed such as here:Forums Comments/Suggestions
For every thread title-division is with white above and gray below.

And there is no mention who has posted the last reply for a thread.


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