remove unwanted domain search list entries from resolv.conf


I am running openSUSE Leap 15.0 x86_64.

Recently I’ve noticed that unresolvable URLs in the browser always go to a domain squatting service called flippa. I’ve traced it with wireshark to this part in resolv.conf:

search home

The ‘home’ part is now owned by flippa (whatever that is). I have been trying to get that part of the resolv.conf to not update. I’ve tried:

  • Editing /etc/dhclient.conf and adding ‘supersede domain-search’
  • Modifying /var/run/netconfig/NetworkManager.netconfig (always gets overwritten)
  • Editing NetworkManager settings in the KDE applet
  • Many other things related to DNS (nscd cache clearing, change DNS servers in my router config, etc.)

Nothing seems to get that ‘home’ entry to disappear. It always shows back up. Other computers running openSUSE Leap 15 at my home do not have this problem, only mine.

Does anyone have a good idea on what is adding that domain search, and how I can remove it?


That reads like it is specific to your provider perhaps?

You can specify search domains in the NM connection profile. Edit the connection and add the desired domain(s). Any changes will take effect the next time that the particular connection is activated.

OK, after a good night’s sleep. I found that I read the wireshark log wrong and that the offending part of the line was not ‘home’ but rather the ‘’. (‘blah’ isn’t my hostname, I replaced it for privacy). It turns out that .site is a TLD and so having a local hostname ending in .site can collide.

Is there a way to remove the local host name from being added to the resolv.conf?