Remove unmounted devices from Dolphin


whenever I mount a virtual ISO image, it appears in the devices section of Dolphin.

However, when I unmount the image afterwards, it still remains there, though as unmounted. While is useful for some images or devices, one might mount and unmount frequently, I would like to remove at least the most of these devices. The reason is, that at times I mount 5 to 10 images a day… since I barely reboot my computer (which clears the devices list) I have a huge list of devices in dolphin (which all have the same name as well), so it is a mess to find something I am looking for.

Hence I wonder if there is a way to make the items disappear without having to reboot the computer.

Cheers and thanks!

Right-clicking on one and choosing “Hide xxx” should remove it.

I’ve seen “safely remove” also, I use that if needed. What does “hide” do? Will it still been seen in Dolphin after that?

“Safely remove” just unmounts it.

What does “hide” do? Will it still been seen in Dolphin after that?

No, it hides this entry and doesn’t display it in the Places pane any more (also works for normal folders, not only devices).

You can display the hidden entries as well by right-clicking on any other entry (or an empty space in the pane) and choosing “Show All”.
(then you could also unhide a hidden one by right-clicking on it and choosing “Hide” again)

Thanks for the reply.

Of course I have noticed that option and I know what it does. :slight_smile:

I was just curious, if there is a way to actually remove them instead of just hiding them. I know, there is probably not much difference in it, but I like my things organized and other than that I really just was curious if I maybe missed something obvious,