Remove .ucode.xz files in /lib/firmware and install .ucode in immutable Aeon?

I want to try to remove all iwlwifi*.ucode files from /lib/firmware and instead install the AX201 version from here:

The readme says to just copy it into the folder, but all of the files in that folder currently are named .ucode.xz and the terminal says that the filesystem is read only because I’m running MicroOS Desktop (Aeon) which use transactional-update and I don’t understand how those two go together.

@eobet Hi, your better off to look at Leap or Tumbleweed? In any case a bug report is probably the correct way to go if firmware is not working and your not sure how to debug on MicroOS (hint transactional-update shell and which locations are rw not ro).

Seems strange to go back to old firmware, you could just uninstall kernel-firmware-iwlwifi and create your own rpm to install?

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This link provides AX201 firmware API 48. The minimal firmware API required by the Linux kernel driver is 50 since kernel 6.5. So the driver will not even attempt to load your firmware from Intel.

Kernel will look for the file name without suffix and if it is not present for the file names with appended .zst and .xz.


Thank you both for the information!

Where would I go about doing that? I suspect my bug is in my wifi and other people have had issues with that same iwlwifi on other Linux distros when I do an internet search for the last 2-3 years and it still seemingly hasn’t been resolved (some bug 4 years ago apparently has been resolved though).

The iwlwifi error in linked article happens long before driver tries to load firmware and points more to some general issue - either BIOS or hardware problem.

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Thanks again for the information. Well, that’s a bummer. Looking in the BIOS, there’s an obvious spelling mistake right there in one of the top menus and the manufacturer hasn’t cared to make a single bios update available in the past couple of years. I’ll contact them because they’re small, but I guess I’m sadly returning this mini PC then.

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