remove opensuse11_0_local

hey all,
im trying to get rid of the installer, opensuse11_0_local. For some reason the dvd installed 2 copies of it on my harddrive, or i just installed it two times, but was only able to remove one of them. Now everytime I start and begin to load windows vista I get the prompt to select vista or the opensuse 11 installer [local] thing.

Depends on what you’re trying to do: wipe SuSE off of your drive or just correct the boot entries presented to you at boot? If it’s the first, you should “repair” the MBR with the help of the Vista CD (at least that’s how it was done in the old XP days - I’ve never messed with Vista in my life and am proud I never will). If it’s the second, you’ll have to boot into SuSE (or a live linux CD) and post the contents of the file of /boot/grub/menu.lst of your boot HD.
Good luck!