Remove locks wants to remove KDE

I would like to remove all -lang files. as I only need U.S. English.
When I try 'zypper rm *-lang , the list includes KDE and several of the KDE dependencies.
Is there a way to exclude it wanting to remove KDE?

Also tried using the rpmorphan command, the list the 1st command should show, doesn’t.

rpmorphan -guess-custom “-lang$”
rpmorphan -guess-custom “-lang$” | xargs zypper rm

I tried this input provided by another member, and it proceeded to take out the Leap install, got that STOPPED!

rpm -qa *-lang --qf “%{name}\n” | xargs zypper rm -u

Yes, rebuild KDE package(s) to not require corresponding -lang package(s).

At your own risk:

  1. zypper rl *-lang
  2. zypper rm *-lang
  3. answer "keep" to those KDE wants
  4. rpm -e --nodeps to each of the packages KDE thinks it must have
  5. zypper al *-lang
  6. answer "break" KDE*/Plasma* every time you do another zypper up/dup
It's easier just to let KDE have its way. If you really need your space, manually delete the files in the lang directories. After all, it is your computer. :p

This topic might be helpful Allow iso-codes-lang upgrades while preventing installation of any other *-lang

Sorry for a late response, been having some health issues. I think I’ll just leave it as is for now. Thanks all.