remove linux


I have install Linux 10 on my desktop PC and on my second hard disk drive. at this moment my first hard disk is running out of memory, so i decided to remove Linux OS from my second hard disk in order to use it for extra memory of windows.

How should i proceed with the removal of Linux OS? Should i proceed with deleting the partition and installing an Fat32 partition? But afterwards i will have a problem with Grub bootloader… What should i do in order to remove bootloader and run the “natural” windows XP boot?


just insert your windows disk and boot from it and remove the linux partitions and format the hardrive

This is not enough you will need to fix the boot loader as well.
The easiest way to do this is to boor with you windows cd and install .
When it gets to the stage where it searches for previous windows select the version you have and choose repair.
You will not be able to format the partition from within windows as it cannot see Linux partitions.
If you have the professional version you can fix this with disk management.
Right click on My computer and choose manage.
Go to disk management and right click on the Linux partitions and choose delete the do this again and choose create and format.

This said I think it is a shame and wish you would persevere with Linux