Remove /lib/mkinitrd ?

In /lib/mkinitrd, I have nothing but 2 folders: /lib/mkinitrd/boot, /lib/mkinitrd/setup.
In each of these 2 folders, I have nothing but around 30 broken symbolic links that all point to *.sh files in a non-existent /lib/mkinitrd/scripts folder and were last modified in 2016.
Can I remove these links (and perhaps the whole /lib/mkinitrd folder), or do they still serve a purpose? Maybe they are leftovers?
I do not seem seem to have any problem with automatic initrd creation upon installation of a new kernel and (if necessary) manual dracut execution.

No such directory exists on 15.1 here. Delete them if it bothers you to see them. You can see that no package owns them via rpm -qf.

Thank you. – I deleted the whole /lib/mkinitrd and can confirm that it does not seem to make any difference. Subsequent update to a new kernel, including automatic generation of a new initrd, went without problem.

The presence of these old links did not really bother me, since they were broken anyway. But I was cleaning up /lib/modules and /boot when I noticed them, and I do prefer a system with as little trash as possible. Presumably, they are leftovers from a time when they had a useful role to play. (Perhaps before the switch to dracut?)