Remove KDE4

I currently have OpenSUSE 11 with both KDE 3.5.9 and KDE 4.0 installed. I found KDE 4.0 a bit unstable on my machine so I haven’t actually used it. I am thinking of trying to update it to the factory KDE4 but in case I do not like that either is there a easy way I can remove KDE4 without upsetting KDE3?

I was thinking of just removing anything with KDE4 in YAST and seeing what happens but I might upset things.

Any help appreciated! Thank you all!


I have KDE 4 and GNOME installed. I want to keep GNOME and purge KDE 4 entirely. I tried un-checking it from patterns, but it wouldn’t un-check. I went in to delete individual packages, but some of the dependencies reference GNOME and I don’t want to wreck the entire OS and have to re-install.

Another user on this thread (aside from the person whose thread I’m bumping) also wants to remove KDE4.

Thank you.

Thanks for bumping the thread. This one is so old I’d start a new one. But you’re welcome to take it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got rid of my KDE4 by reinstalling and formatting my root partition. I backed up my home partition, made a note of all repositories, programs and other settings and told the setup not to touch my home partition. After my install everything was fine. All I had to do was reinstall my programs and drivers and I was back. Didn’t take long.

I did notice that the online update recommended to update zipper. In order to do this it had to remove something and it looked like it was actually going to uninstall zipper (and take Yast2 out with it). So I stopped it from doing that update. After doing the update ones all was well.

The reason I did all this was to get rid of any KDE4 bloat. Removing the KDE base system would have removed all I needed. Just be carefull bout dependencies. Personally I would reinstall again like I did. Or do a update install or something. Good luck anyways!

I had a bad feeling it was going to mean a re-install. And…my wireless bombed out again after accepting a KDE-4 update. Looks like a nuke and rebuild for sure. I do think developers should indicate on the install disk that KDE4 is essentially a beta and make either the prior version or GNOME the default. Same thing with Firefox. I’d like to remove the beta and install the stable.

Machine must be rebuilt to remove KDE 4. I rebuilt to 3.5.

I knew they were beta but since they brought it out I thought it would work. It does work on most systems but I think it won’t be ready for every day use till KDE 4.1. That should be done in OpenSUSE 11.1 I might use KDE4 then. Untill then I have KDE 3.5. And if you add the mozilla repo you can upgrade Firefox to 3.0.1.

No, I did it without having to re-install.

I just searched for all KDE4 stuff and let it remove what it wanted, making note of anything that it shouldn’t.

Then before you restart, add Gnome (or KDE3 in my case), and any other apps you want.

Then remove the KDE4 repos from your list.

That should do it.

I’m now 100% KDE4 free, and happy :).

PS It will remove kdm because there is only a KDE4 version (no idea why!), make sure you select gdm when installing Gnome, it should install it automatically, but check before logging out or rebooting.

Sorry, remove the KDE4 repos straight after uninstalling all the KDE4 stuff and do a refresh as well before installing Gnome/KDE3 etc’.