Remove KDE 4.6 beta 1, install regular kde 4.5.3

Hello everybody

Today I set up a machine to my friend. By mistake, I upgraded KDE to dev version. :good:
Now desktop is unusable. How can I downgrade via zypper?
I followed this advice How-To: Upgrade to KDE 4.5 | OMG! SUSE!


I think you can do it this way :

  1. First you’ll have to remove the repo of KDE46-factory
  2. add the kde45 stable one

zypper ar KDE45 Core
zypper ar KDE45 Extra

  1. Go to yast->Install/deinstall soft.->repo tab->select KDE45 repo and click switch system packages. Check this picture as an example :


zypper dist-upgrade --from KDE45 Core --from KDE45 Extra

It should do the trick.

I don’t have graphical desktop. Only TTY.


To list your repos, do this command :

zypper lr

To remove a repo (in root) :

zypper rr #repository that represent the KDE46 factory repo given by the command above

Refer to the previously posted mesage for adding the KDE45 repo and switching of system packages.

Thanks, I’ll try and post results. I was curious, that zypper dup will do downgrade.

The switching will switch the system packages to those present in the repo. So, it’ll do a downgrade.

Thanks. Everything went well.

Unfortunately, my friend suffered with a stupid Opensuse bug with nvidia (plasma crashes at the starup). I have KDE4 on Arch linux on the same GPU and don’t have such a problems. Lost 5 hours with this. Will have to remove garbage called “OpenSuse” and install Kubuntu.

Sweet, nice having you here. At least with Linux when you screw up your kubuntu distro by your own fault you’ll be able to move on to something easier.

Good luck and please pay attention to what you are doing on a computer, it will save you hours in the longrun :))

Thank you for this info. This showed me how to upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5.

I am not sure what bug he was talking about. I just hope I dont have it when I upgrade.