Remove driver?

How do I remove the Nvidia driver and fall back to vesa or NV?
If I sax2 -rm 0=nv, does this disable the nvidia driver? Does Xorg.conf override nvidia-settings?


You can also just type switch2nv as root if you have an existing xorg.conf with nvidia in it and it’ll change the driver to the oss version (it essentially just changes the driver name in xorg.conf - search and replace). switch2nvidia naturally does the reverse.

nvidia-settings merely modifies the existing xorg.conf in /etc/X11/

Oooops! that did not work! I thought I had bust the monitor! swith2nv restart, grey screen with white flare in corner fades to black scren, nothing… (gulp)
So how do I uninstall the nvidia driver, replace with nv, and maybe try the “nouveau” OS driver?

nv = nouveau.

sax2 -r -m 0=nv

Nah, same as switch2 method (in fact I had tried it first). I prob do not have nv via xorg.conf, I installed nvidia by 1-click as soon as I got 11.2 running.