Remove dmraid prior to install

Hi all,

It’s my first time trying openSUSE, I’m moving from Linux Mint as this latest version came with a bug in the liveCD that wouldn’t allow me to boot it, thus I couldn’t install it.

My question is, DMRAID always brought problems to my system, for some reason when it is installed, the system can’t detect any partitions in my hard drive. Is there any way to uninstall dmraid prior to install? I mean, have access to a terminal before loading the installation application, maybe a live environment.

Sorry if this seems obvious, but it’s my first time trying SUSE, I have no idea how things are done there. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

OK do you have a RAID setup ie multiple disks etc.

If you have FAKE RAID (BIOS assist) turn it off in the BIOS

I have only one disk on my computer.
I used to use it as AHCI, but now it’s setup as IDE, so I guess there’s no raid on my system.
Even when it was setup as AHCI, dmraid couldn’t detect any partitions.

Some systems (cough cough HP) come with the BIOS RAID turned on even if you only have one drive. Try going into the BIOS and see if you can turn it off.

dmraid should not called at all if the hardware is configured right.

I had, guess, same problem on Promise software raid.
Despite I turned it off, suse (11.4) loaded all the modules, that cause problem.

I added brokenmodules to core params and listed as broken dm_mod (dm_raid) and dependants.