Remove broken package

I tried to remove a teamviewer package manually, and I chose to delete all folders and files from the “/” and after.

Now YaST2 and zypper keeps saying that the package is already installed and did not make the removal
How do I remove this piece of broken package?

Thanks in advance

You should of course remove it using zypper or YaST. How do you think zypper/YaST can keep it’s administration up-to-date when you remove the legs under the table?

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I did zypper and YaST cripples and incurable. So there is no solution?

Install teamviewer new:

zypper in -f Name-of-the-Programm

Then try to remove it with Yast2/zypper.

When the above fails, you could try

zypper clean
zypper ref

Simply do a “Force re-install” of the package which re-installs everything you manually ripped out

zypper in -f *packagename *

Followed by a proper uninstall

zypper rm *packagename *

Then, you can manually remove anything else that might still remain.


Sorry, I did not see that your post and I’ve done more nonsense.

I copied and pasted from another machine all files and folders that were deleted.

Ok Now it’s working

Thank you

Nothing wrong with doing the same the “hard way” :slight_smile: