remove all mozilla foundation software

I was just reading how they forced Brendan Eich out of mozilla for political thought crime. I would like to remove all mozilla software from my system. I’m having trouble tho. I’m stuck at mozilla-nss and mozilla-nspr. Libreoffice is tied to this libsoftokn which depends on mozilla nss libraries. I’d like to keep Libreoffice… or is there a good alternative?

That was quite a long time ago, but if you must here 's something you might consider doing:
1)Open Yast
2)If you still have the Mozilla repos enabled select them
3)select the 1of the items you want to change in this case say the mozilla-nss
4)look down for the Versions tab click it
5)you’ll see a Mozilla version & one from Opensuse Update that’s likely the one you need check that one
6)repeat for mozilla-nspr
7)click accept
Now I must say I’ve not done this for these packages so I don’t know if Yast will throw a fit over this.
However the above procedure is one of the ways one changes things in Opensuse.
Once you’ve done the above can you post back & let us know how it went? Please? Just in case someone else asks.

I assume that the simple expression 1) open YaST must be interpreted as 1) open YaST > Software > Software Management.

And that 2) can only be done after you have clicked on the View menu button and chosen Repositories.

But the one from “Opensuse Update” is also developed by Mozilla…

As I understand it, he wants to remove “all Mozilla software”, i.e. “all software developed by Mozilla”, from his system, not “all software from the Mozilla repo”.
I don’t think that’s possible though and definitely not easy, especially for mozilla-nss and mozilla-nspr.
You probably would have to rebuild all packages that use it yourself (and this includes much more stuff than just LibreOffice…).

Ah, the efforts of idealism over practicalism.

Maybe start with a list of Mozilla foundation software? Then you can decide how far you want to take your crusade… ie Just full apps? How about anything using a Mozilla library? Maybe anything that is using a technology originated by Mozilla? Maybe anyone who has even a single Developer using a Mozilla Dev tool?
:slight_smile: You can certainly take this far, but mozilla has been around for a long time, with enormous influence across all apps and Development

Yeah, I saw those articles about Brendan Eich and it did look like a political move (read… Personalities).
Hope to see him pop up again somewhere.
And, I expect the Moziila Foundation to work hard to prove that his expulsion only has a positive effect on Mozilla products.


Let’s not forget that almost all browsers (including chrome) use some mozilla code.
What’s the alternative Chrome, Chromium, a webkit based browser or konqueror without webkitl?
Have you heard of google’s latest bundle with their open source Chromium browser
in short chromium downloads a closed source binary that listens to your mic, I’m not sure if this was reported in the opensuse bugzilla but it caused quite a stir with the Debian community

Let’s not forget that Eich created javascript for netscape (latter mozilla) so can you boycott all sites that use javascript as javascript uses mozilla code?

I’d say selavi and continue using Firefox as atm there is no better (more secure browser) around.
Maybe chromium if they removed the latest spyware from it, but google and privacy don’t get along.

Yeah, good luck on todays Web then without JavaScript…
And some desktops (KDE e.g, and I think GNOME) use it as well.

Although one could argue that JavaScript was invented before there was a Mozilla Foundation.

Maybe anyone who has even a single Developer using a Mozilla Dev tool?

Well, if you go that far, you must not install/use Linux at all.
Many open source projects use Bugzilla as bug tracker, including the Kernel, Xorg, and (open)SUSE… :wink:

Yes, and it has been fixed too:

I like Eich, i’m not opposed to javascript. :slight_smile: Tho I have always used noscript to disable client side js anyway… My belief system also allows the ca-certificates-mozilla package to stay.

Anyway this is becoming a very interesting experiment. I forced removal of mozilla-* and libmoz* packages. NetworkManager, Libreoffice, Chromium, and a bunch of other apps using are broken. My KDE desktop acted kinda wonky and seized up a little bit also. Right now i’m using midori and qupzilla web browsers. Seem to work ok. Claws email is working. Still testing…