Remove a package bypassing dependencies

Hi all.

I have a problem with Gconf so I decided to remove the package and
reinstall it.

YaST2 shows a window reporting a dependency problem. I reply “Ignore”.
The problem is that it keeps poping up again and again (A lot of
dependencies problems)

Is there a way to reply Ignore to every window at once?

How can I force the removement?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi there,

Of course I have to start with the usual warning: forcing package
removal and ignoring dependencies will usually just break things. But of
course I also know that sometimes you don’t have a choice.

I would suggest just using zypper or rpm in the command line to force
the removal of the package:

#rpm -e --nodeps package_name

If you want to repackage it (to keep for reinstall if needed)

#rpm -e --repackage --nodeps package_name

It will repackage it into /var/spool/repackage and then remove it.

However, I really truly must caution against using --nodeps unless
there is truly no other way.

What errors are you getting? Perhaps you can resolve them with zypper /
rug / yum / rpm?

Pete Eby


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