Remotely access Windows XP desktop

I hope someone can help me.

I am in the Caribbean, using OpenSuse 11.1. My mother is in Germany using Windows XP. She needs my help to do some stuff on her computer. To cut down on the telephone time (& obviously the cost), I want to remotely access her XP PC using my OpenSuse PC.

How can I do that?


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Ok, since I think you speak german and of course your mom for the windows part I recommend this page:


The Linux part you can resolve with the remote desktop client. Just search in Yast - Software Installation for rdesktop. It’s quite easy to use.

To connect I would use something like Free DNS Hosting, E-mail Delivery, and VPS Hosting. Open an account and configure the router of your mom. Also you have to or she has to configure a port forwarding so the incoming packages reach her machine. The router thing is the most difficult part of the configuration. It is not that complicated but router documentation is mostly written from experts for experts which means normal ppl don’t understand it and those who understand don’t need it. (I’m talking about simple DSL routers and not about Cisco, Lancom and such stuff :wink: )

Perhaps that for your mom needs a bit professionell help. That should not be to expensive. To give you an idea I would do the whole stuff for about 150 Euro and the router part would cost about 75. Thatfor she should find one who makes the work. I would recommend this cause you give remote access to a windows machine. :wink:


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I recommand using teamviewer. It is the fast and the simple way to use it.
Also you need wine to run it
I`m using it a lot…