remote vnc-controlled installation fails with openSUSE 11.0

have anyone noticed that vnc server, which is used to control remote installation, just coredumps when accessed with any client, except java-enabled browser? or me is the only lucky here?

Yes I have.

Why don’t you chime in here:

openSUSE team seems very adverse to fixing know, confirmed bugs for some odd reason these days. I guess that explains the recent decline in the distribution’s quality since it became "open"SUSE.

i did it here

I’ve experienced the exact same problem.
It appears to me as if they’ve finally accepted that it IS a problem, and they’ve characterized it pretty well. Until they release an updated Xvnc server, it appears that our workaround is to connect at something other than full color (16 bit?) mode. Try connecting at 256 colors (8 bits). When I tried that, I finally managed to get through!
I don’t understand why the java client doesn’t have this problem, though.