Remote Turn On Machine

Hi all, I asked this as a bi-question and someone suggested placing it as a new thread. I have had a notebook with an ethernet plugged in cable before, sent a signal through the cable by resetting my router, and it switched my notebook on from cold. My question is, is there a way of doing this using a remote desktop client. Ideally, I would like a machine switched off at home running suse linux/windows, then have a client computer sent the remote request, this in turn activates the machine, which boots and then gives the rmote client control. Has anyone got a system similar to this working?



if the netbook offers WakeOnLan features (sometimes it can be set in the BIOS config) you could turn it on by sending a magic packet. The utility doing this in linux is “wol”. Check “man wol” for info.

You might also have to enable the wake on lan feature on network card… but i cant remember how and there are a few WOL modes. Easy to find if you google it i guess.

thank you, just what i was after. :slight_smile:

if you make it work, can you disclose what’s needed? Maybe we could write a how to on this as maybe more people might be interested in it?
thank you

of course, I do have very little networking experience, but am quite tempted to give it a go, then only problem I now have is that as I am currently running 11.2, apparently XRDP doesn’t work. I have been told in another thread that I need to run vnc server from my Linux box, and on a client machine, run a “vnc client” (my windows box). So I’m sure if I can packet boot the windows machine and have it auto-load a VNC client to take requests, or if its to much for windows to do this?

If anyone thinks it would work I’ll definitely have a go, and post up a new thread with a how to guide.