Remote Share and Setting Up Luckybackup

I am trying to set up luckybackup to back up my /home directory on a NAS.
When entering the destination file using the browse button in luckybackup it uses Dolphin and I can select the destination as a share which is shown as an smb://qnapnas3/.
When I select this however and try and save it, nothing is saved in the destination on luckybackup.

On the other luckybackup configurations I have which work, the remote directory is shown as /share/qnapnas2/Multimedia … It does not use NFS as far as I can tell so I assume it uses smb but there is no /share directory shown in Dolphin file manager.
I have looked in fstab and am no wiser as I can only see there the NFS entries.
What have I forgotten which I had right before?


Have permissions?

Hi and thanks for the reply. AFAIK yes. Had big problem with KDE wallet and ended up turning it off. ( I shall have to start a new thread on that in due course.) I can access and write to the samba share from Dolphin but luckybackup manual tells me that it will not accept smb:// address as destination and I quote:-

why can’t I declare my remote place ??

Today’s file managers like nautilus, konqueror or dolphin have the ability to directly support some remote filesystem protocols such as smb/cifs or nfs.
You might be able to browse some remote places via your filebrowser but cannot find a way to declare those as source or destination.
This does not necessarily mean that the remote place is locally mounted. You can distinguish such a situation by observing the full path address of the remote folder. If it does not start with “/” but with eg smb:// then you are using the direct filesystem browser support.

The solution to this issue is to mount the remote place locally.
This involves, adding a line at the file /etc/fstab so that the remote directory can be visible under a specific mount point eg /media/my-Remote-Place/

It is not the purpose of this document to describe every possible mount procedure. Please refer to your distro’s documentation or support web pages for guidelines.

All that seems clear but I cannot see anything I have done to fstab (and if I did I have forgotten) to make the existing and working luckybackup profiles work.