Remote presnetation clickers


Last night I was doing a presentation on my Dell Inspiron 5555. I tried to use a Logitech R400 presentation remote (from another attendee). It’s a USB wireless so I would not have to be at the computer to switch to the next slide.

It wasn’t working on my laptop. The logitech was working on another laptop, a Mac.

  1. Do I need something special to install?
  2. Can somebody recommend me a presentation remote that would work with Tumbleweed without having to install special drivers?



Hmm, I’ve recently used a R400, and it worked out of the box. IIRC it has a small button or such to connect to the USB connector.

I didn’t notice any small button to connect.

It was working on the Mac and Tiffany removed the small usb transmitter from her Mac and handed it me and I couldn’t get it working. I’ll try again next Wednesday but eventually, I will need to get my own. Any one will do or this specific model?



IMHO It would be better to determine whether it’s not some desktop setting preventing such a device to work properly. Such a setting might very block proper functioning of similar devices. F.e. what the following command would say, right after plugging in the device

dmesg | grep -i usb | tail -20

Don’t know. I won’t have access to the remote for at least one more week. It’s not mine. Which is why I’d like to buy one for myself.

Are these just standard USB devices? If so, then I can buy my own and then later make it work if there’s any problem?