remote opensuse installation ?

on a remote office is:

  1. PC hardware with HD and DVD and Ethernet Card + Display
  2. network cable(Ethernet) from provider for connection to the Internet
  3. IP address, Mask, default gateway and DNS from ISP for our connection.
  4. the person who can turn on the computer and inserts DVD

how in this case it is possible to install remotely opensuse ?


I’d recommend you look into Autoyast, it’ll provide good hints and some steps for doing what you’re asking.

You can also build your own version of openSUsE, completely pre-configured on OBS(or Kiwi) and deploy.

Possibly in combination with creating your own custom image, you might consider deploying some form of virtualization. The idea is that if there is someone on the other end (ie not a “lights out” scenario), it’s usually no problem for an inexperienced person to stick a DVD or some other media into a machine and install a base OS with some basic packages. Once setup as a virtulaiization HostOS, you can then transfer pre-built images of Guests to the machine and launch with minimal Guest configuration. Depending on how you setup, to some degree this is the basis for how most Cloud Provider services work today if you sign up to deploy a website or virtual machine.