Remote-only XDM/KDM

Looking for a way for SuSE 11.0 to leave console as text-only (i.e., no X) but to respond to XDMCP requests from remote users - i.e., only remote gets windowing environment, console gets non-graphical.

Take a look at /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and edit the file appropriately, then run SuSEconfig and proceed from there.

Type: yesno

Default: yes

Let the displaymanager start a local Xserver.

Set to “no” for remote-access only.

Set to “no” on architectures without any Xserver (e.g. s390/s390x).


Type: yesno

Default: no

TCP port 6000 of Xserver. When set to “no” (default) Xserver is

started with “-nolisten tcp”. Only set this to “yes” if you really

need to. Remote X service should run only on trusted networks and

you have to disable firewall for interfaces, where you want to

provide this service. Use ssh X11 port forwarding whenever possible.