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How do I Log onto a computer in my house remotely with suse linux 11.1?

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Depends on the computer, and your network, and your ISP. How do you do
it without OpoenSUSE? Is it Linux/Mac/windows? Do you have a static
IP? Do you need a GUI when logging in? ‘rdesktop’ is the application
for RDP (connect to windows usually)… vncviewer is for VNC. There is
FreeNX should you be using the server side of that. The network will be
another consideration unless you already have it going.

Good luck.

errigour wrote:
> How do I Log onto a computer in my house remotely with suse linux 11.1?
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One quick answer is to have VNC running on the server (house) end, open the ports (5901, typically) in your firewall, and then use krdc on the client (remote) end.

You can enable VNC/Remote Administration in Yast (it’ll even open the firewall port). You can install krdc via Yast as well. Personal opinion: I loathe and detest the KDE 4 version of krdc; it has been dumbed down horribly.

You’ll either need a static IP at your home or some form of Dynamic DNS so that the remote client knows where to connect.

We use VNC all the time. One caveat, though, is that the crackers like it, too. (Examine the connection logs after you get it running; you’ll be astonished and appalled at the number of attempts.) The above instructions are quick and dirty. I strongly recommend that you change from the default port(s). That way, a cracker/script kiddie can’t easily find your VNC server with a port scan.

(And of course, use a really good password, not easily guessed. But that’s obvious.)

If you need more detailed info, more detail is needed here: what OS are you running on each end? Are both Suse machines? Is one a Windows machine running something like UltraVNC?