Remote Desktop Connections & 11.2 :(

I have been playing with Linux and XWindows for a long time, but this is the first time I have ever needed to post a question to find out how to configure things. Please do not tell me that this TightVNC (VNC Xvnc) on openSUSE as Client or Server (Remote Desktop Connections) is how it is done.

I have a Headless SuSE server on an internal netework, my only access to it is remotely, I need remote desktop as a service for all the accounts. Is this possible in KDE4??

Did you consider using nx ? NoMachine NX - Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software

No I have not, SuSE & OpenSuSE have always done a really good job in providing a product that didn’t require me relying on some third party vendor for solutions. And to their credit they have done the same with 11.2.

I am not sure who owns the bug but the workaround is simple use inplace of localhost in the inetd / xinetd Xvnc entries.

VNC Issue resolved
How to enable XDM and VNC for Linux and Solaris

remarkham wrote:
> I am not sure who owns the bug

are you seeking help or only wanna mention a bug you found?

but, if you have found a bug the mention of it in this forum does
absolutely zero towards it getting fixed…if you wanna help open
source in that way you could log the bug, here:

and, doing it that way puts the monkey on the back of the developers
to figure out “who owns the bug” and they will forward the bug to the
correct ‘owner’…

thanks for your help.

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@Oldcpu, can NX Client be used to connect to some server that runs on Windows machine? (as I havent seen they have server for windows?)

No. Nx is intended to allow different platforms (MS-Windows, MacIntosh, and Linux) to remotely run a desktop session on a Linux nx server.

Nx is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than any other Linux remote desktop app that I have seen. It allows multiple sessions/logins to take place on the server. And the remote server can be in run level 3 while the various platforms are running an X session via nx.

Frankly, I have always believed scorn for 3rd party products, where such products may work better (but are not packaged with a Linux distro) is totally misplaced scorn, but I fully understand the sentiment “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”. I dare say I have had people upset at me for years for suggesting something better than what they currently know, because they do not want to look at something different.