Remote Desktop Certificate errors in Gnome OpenSUSE 13.1

Hello everyone,

I was running OpenSUSE 12.3 and I had no problems using the built in Remote Desktop Viewer over our vpn to RDP to windows desktops.

I upgraded to 13.1 and now for some workstations that I try to remote to, when I try to connect, nothing happens. I get this error in /var/log/messages:

(The data in <brackets> was deleted by me)

2013-11-27T15:36:01.186686-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: Password: connected to <computername>:3389
2013-11-27T15:36:01.187686-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: Certificate details:
2013-11-27T15:36:01.188404-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: Subject: CN = <computername>
2013-11-27T15:36:01.189047-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: Issuer: CN = <computername>
2013-11-27T15:36:01.189685-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: Thumbprint: <thumbprint was here>
2013-11-27T15:36:01.190317-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: The above X.509 certificate could not be verified, possibly because you do not have the CA certificate in your certificate store, or the certificate has expired. Please look at the documentation on how to create local certificate store for a private CA.
2013-11-27T15:36:01.190955-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: Do you trust the above certificate? (Y/N)
2013-11-27T15:36:01.191388-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: Error: Could not read answer from stdin.
2013-11-27T15:36:01.191876-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: SSL_write: Failure in SSL library (protocol error?)
2013-11-27T15:36:01.192305-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: Authentication failure, check credentials.
2013-11-27T15:36:01.192741-06:00 tux gnome-session[4307]: If credentials are valid, the NTLMSSP implementation may be to blame.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I’m not certain, but I believe this only effects workstations I have connected to in the past? Can I just delete the old certificate? How?

BTW, I can connect just fine with my other laptop running OpenSuse 12.3 and remote desktop viewer.