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I am a little reluctant to ask questions here any more :wink: since my last question rapidly shot off into a thread about if I should have asked it anyway and how you spell favour,
however …

I am using KRDC successfully but I would like to have a single app running on a
Windows machine on my desktop. This app will not run in wine or similar but I didn’t want to have a whole desktop. Is there a way of doing this.


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Favour (that’s correct) anything else is uneducated :smiley:


Is this not possible in Virtual Box?

interele wrote:

> This app will not run in wine or similar but I didn’t want to have
> a whole desktop.

what do you mean by “wine or similar”?

that is, have you tried running the application in a copy of windows
in Virtual Box (or Xen or any of the other virtual machines available)?

and have you have tried all possible settings in WINE, or a souped-up
WINE like Codeweavers sells…and had no luck?

> Is there a way of doing this.

if you have tried all of those things then i think the answer to
your question is no.

but, maybe there is a native Linux application which is a useful
replacement? have you looked for those? try here:

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I’m trying to run SIMS - for those who don’t work in schools and are not familiar with this masterpiece, it’s the sort of software
that you have to beat to death with a stick, however …
…I found seamlessrdp which seems to work fine


Hey there Interele,

First off, sorry to hear you got blasted before. I’ve found the Suse Forum to be very good, with the posting generally of a very helpful and professional nature. I hope you stick around and get to experience the good side.

Second, nice find on seamlessrdp - I’ve never heard of it before, and it looks like a great tool. I can see myself using this to run VMWare’s vSphere client, which (astoundingly) they have yet to release a native Linux client for, so I always have to RDP into a windows box to manage my VMs - very annoying.

Great find, and thanks for posting it.

Lews Therin

Use Teamviewer. It works for windows, mac, linux, iphone…